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Embracing Advances in Technology

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Technology has been making a profound impact on the construction industry for years. However, recently it has started to directly affect how we go through each phase of the construction process. At Dick Building Company, we believe the key is to identify and adopt the most appropriate and cost-effective technologies. Specifically, we have embraced cloud-based management software, mobile technology, the use of advanced building materials, and robotics into our business. The pace of change and degree of adaption continues at a rapid pace and Dick Building Company will continue to advance and stay competitive.

Dick Building Company uses Microsoft 365 Office which incorporates Microsoft Teams, Dynamics, and SharePoint to coordinate and collaborate on projects. With all the different roles and disciplines a construction project encompasses, this data ecosystem combines all those components into one place where the team can share data, experience and knowledge. Real-time collaboration makes us efficient in communicating ideas, projects, updates and challenges between the office and jobsites. There is less room for error and enables more timely and accurate solutions.  From writing proposals to project close out, we have seen the improvements this technology has enabled, and we will continue to adapt as advancements are offered.

In October, we attended a Microsoft Dynamics 365 summit conference which featured an incredible amount of leading-edge technology. Dynamics 365 is software that allows us to have an all-in-one business management solution to simplify and connect our business processes, as we work to improve our customer interactions and continue our growth. Dick Building Company remains committed to incorporating Dynamics 365 into a widening range of tasks, maximizing the impact of this powerful software.

Cloud and mobile device technology are advancements we are working to expand on.  In the field, Dick Building Company uses cloud-based systems to track and schedule tools. Our tool tracking system enables us to better manage an expensive part of field operations.  Knowing in real time what tools are on what jobsites and allowing appropriate people to access the information at any time from any authorized device is of great value. We are in the process of streamlining our procedures and making them readily available on our cloud-based system and mobile devices, allowing quick and informed decisions at the field level.

Dick Builds has also begun to be aware of the use of robots on projects and how they can improve productivity. Robots have been making a significant inroad in manufacturing as well as in other fields such as health care. The use of robots is poised for a vast increase in construction over the next decade. They have become more precise and capable and are impacting the construction industry creating a more cost effective, time sensitive, and safe project.

For example, working with Nemes Glass Corporation on a current design build project of a new car dealership, we utilized a robot with the installation of glass windows that spanned the face of the building. The use of the Outdoor SL 608 High lifter helped to safely and efficiently complete what is normally a delicate and time-consuming operation. This robot has puncture proof tires that permits a smooth and more secure and stabilized ride. It has a remote control that allows the operator to stand at a safe distance from the installation. The capabilities of this robot keep our employees safe while having a more efficient installation.

In addition to robots on site, Dick Building Company utilizes advanced building materials and technology to build quality buildings. Dick used Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) technology on our featured project in Boca Raton FL. We used DSM technology for soil stabilization and excavation support. This technology mixes existing soil with cementitious materials using different mixing shafts to create the soil-cement material. This soil-cement process generates higher strength, less compressibility, and lower permeability than other soils alone. This particular project is located five blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, causing the ground to have soft soil and sand. We were the first construction company in the area at the time to use this technology.

We believe that staying informed on evolving technology is essential and that safety advancements are a part of that principle. At every level of our organization, starting with ownership and the executive team, we strive to provide and maintain the safest possible work conditions for all our employees. We achieve this goal by being proactive in our approach and by the continuous effort to keep improving on safety methods.

With the continuing growth of technology in the construction industry and the advancements on jobsite safety, it’s important to stay up to date to remain competitive. We are a company that will make changes where necessary. We believe excellence in safety, communication, and competitiveness are key components to having a successful company and are committed to remaining at the forefront of the 2019 technology advancements. Cheers to another successful year!!